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Sun in the first house of birth chart - Vedic Astrology - Jyotish

The sun is our soul significator in vedic astrology, and the 1st house is ourself. So when the sun which also represent king comes here we behave in the same manner we think in a way that we naturally deserve everything so when they see someone having certain post or thing, they think oh i should have this or i should have this position because i deserve to be there. But be careful about this don't think that you will get everything, it will be according to the ascendant and your full chart will decide. Suppose you are working in a company and you have your senior manager giving orders to you so you will always have this feeling of i should be there because i deserve to be there. Be careful with your ego and don't be egoistic and self centric because you can get into trouble sometime. If you are already in an authority then it's good but otherwise you will get trouble from authority, so the best advice would be do your own business and be your own boss but don't do business in partnership. In marriage it can become a ego driven battle and if your partner has a status or authority it boost your ego otherwise it can lead to a criticism of each other and often this criticism push you to do something better in life that can satisfy your ego and these people often get a same partner as they are. And according to Phaladeepika the person will also have hair fall issue.

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