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Time Travel

Vedic Science
Time Travel 
Time Travel is one of the most mysterious question in science. Hundreds of books and thousands of articles have been published on this one subject.But is the time travel really possible or is it just a fantasy? If seen , this is a question on which not all people appear unanimous. Some are in favor of it and some people consider it as just imagination ,but on studying Hinduism ,we have been tried to tell this through many stories through many verses indicates that there is really such a thing as time travel.In today's article we will discuss on this topic and we will understand time travel by comparing it on two sides. The first aspect is based on modern science and theories of scientists and in another aspect we will understand time travel based on Hinduism texts.
Let us first know what exactly is time travel?

What is Time Travel?

Time travel is an idea according to which we can come forward or backward in time that is, we can come in the past or in the future,But really is it just an idea or it is possible to do it or not .To know this we will discuss time travel in two parts,first part based on modern science and the second part is based on Sanatan Vedic religion.

Time Travel according to modern science

The scientists we know about time travel today are Sir Einstein and Sir Stephen Hawkins.Let me introduce you to time travel through simple words. Einstein explained time travel through the special theory of relativity and through the General theory of relativity. He said that if we travel at the speed of light,then we will be successful in time travel.But it is impossible for an object to get the speed of light because our science has not developed so far that we can travel at a speed relative to the speed of light.Einstein believed that this universe does not have three but four dimensions, and this is the fourth dimension, the dimension of time. He told us that light can be turned.  Whereas since childhood we have been reading that light moves in a straight line, but it would require strong gravity to turn light. He said that time is also related to gravity ,where gravity will be more, time will be slower and where gravity will less, time will pass faster, this has also been proved on the basis of experiments. If we take two atomic clocks and place one on the satellite and another on the Earth, we will find a subtle difference between them.Atomic clocks are capable of measuring significantly shorter time periods, which shows that time has the effect of speed and gravity.Because the speed of the satellite was not very fast, so this difference was quite small.Stephen Hawking's ideas seem to be very similar to Einstein's.He believed that we can do time travel with the help of three things. The first is, with the help of the Wormhole , you must be thinking, what is wormhole ? Stephen Hawkings says that there is a rift in everything, whatever it is, if we look at the subtle level, then there is a rift in everything.  Whether it is a glass or a balloon, in this way there is also a rift in time.Einstein considered time to be the fourth dimension, on the basis of which he says that time is present everywhere and cracks also occur in time. If we can make these cracks bigger, then perhaps time travel can be possible.
They say that we can also time travel with the help of black holes, because they have a lot of gravity, that is time will be very slow there, but we have to pass through the black hole at the speed of light so that we do not get trapped in that black hole and time travel will possible.
And the last one with which time travel is possible is to travel at the speed of light which Einstein had already told to the world.
The theories of both scientists show that time travel is possible only in the future and not in the past, because if time travel happens in past then it brings a lot of contradictions with itself ,like if a person kills himself by time travel in his past, then when did he time travel, and how can a person kill himself.This creates a paradox which shows that time travel is only in future not in past.

Time Travel in Hinduism

When we study Hindu scriptures, we find a lot of evidence that indicates that time travel is really possible.


Kakudmi a king of the middle Satyuga whose daughter was named Revati but Revati had some abilities that made her different from others.
Seeing her merits, his father takes her to Lord Brahma and urges him that there is no one on earth who is capable of marrying Revati, 
After listening to the king, Brahma says to him, that King you have reached the Brahmlok, but 27 Chatur Yuga have passed on the earth and the earth has moved much ahead of its time, neither your relationships are alive on the earth, then King urges Brahmadev and says ,what will be happen with Revati,Then Lord Brahma chose Lord Krishna's brother Balarama for Revati.It is clear here that through the history or stories present in Hinduism texts, there are indications that time travel may actually take place.

2.Bhagavad Gita

I had heard that the Srimad Bhagwat Geeta has the answer to every question you have.  But when I wanted to know about time travel, then I got a shloka of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta.

Sahastra Yug Ahariyad Bhramonvida

That is, 1 day of Brahma is equal to 1000 Mahayuga, according to this, 1 day of Brahma is equal to four trillion 32 billion years of the earth. this refers to the Theory of Relativity it means Brahma lives in some place or dimension where gravity is more than our imagination, means, the time passes more slowly in that dimension.

3.Concept of Atma

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the soul is immortal, no one can bite it, nor can it be burnt or killed, it cannot be divide into two parts and it can be only one not two.But if we travel time in the past then our past form also has to be there, because in the past we were there while the soul could not be divided so it is impossible to time travel in the past, but we can do time travel in future,because then our form will be in the future and we will be absent for the present time.
All these things show that time travel is possible according to Sanatan Dharma(Hinduism) .
Watch this video for better understanding in hindi language.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  You can tell us your thoughts through comments.

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