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Har Ki Doon - Uttarakhand

Har Ki Doon

All the nature lovers must know that Har Ki Doon valley is the best place for sure. It is located in such a place that offers rich jungles to view which is full of bird and animal life. There are also great varieties of alpine flowers as well as plants along with spectacular view. This valley is a cradle shaped valley located towards the south east of the Janundhar glacier. This place is well surrounded by snow-covered peaks. In the southeast direction this valley is surrounded by heavily wooded forests. These forest are highly rich in their wildlife and without a second thought there is a veritable paradise for the nature lovers and the bird-watchers.

This valley is well located in the Western Ganges of the Garhwal Himalayas which is present at the base of the Fateh Parvat. Har Ki Doon is sitting at an altitude of about 3,556 meters above mean sea level. Glitter is what you see all around this place. You must also know that the trek that rnage from Netwar to Osla actually goes through the dense forests of walnuts, chinars, willows and chestnuts. Then the next trek is the one that range from Osla to Har-Ki-Doon is working through terraced mountain fields, the awesome conifer forests and lush green grassy land.

Har-Ki-Doon is often referred to as a hanging valley of gods which is like a perfect treat for the trekkers from around the world. You have the opportunity to explore one the less known areas of Garhwal. Even if you do not know then we will let you know that this valley falls within the Govind Pashu vihar. Due to this fact there is a high possibility to see wildlife in brighter way. As a tourist you can also visit the beautifully carved temple which is devoted to Duryodhana who was the Kaurava Prince.

All this travelers who are quite fascinated about the glaciers must visit Jaundhar Glacier located at an elevation of 4300 meter. You just need to drive five kilometers from Har-Ki- Doon. Moreover, this charming valley also acts a base for Swargarohini ht. 21000 ft. Our age old granths (legendary books) have mentioned that the Pandavas went to the Swarga (Heavan) through this Swargarohini Mountain only. At this place you get a mystic view of the Bhojpatra flower named Bramhakamal. In the west side of this valley, you can see Bandar Punch. This majestic destination is waiting for you.

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