Doraemon - Friendship Should be Like Nobita and Doraemon



Doraemon (ドラえもん) is a fictional character in the Japanese Manga series "Doraemon". This show is created by Fujiko Fujio, the show is based on a Japanese comic series which is written by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. The main character of this show is a robotic cat (Doraemon), who has came from the future, to help a boy called Nobita. Doraemon was sent by Nobita's great great grandson Sewashi Nobi from 22nd century to ease Nobita's life so that his descendants lives a better future. Although Doraemon is an imperfectly-made-factory rejected toy from the future, but for the original timeline, Doraemon is a cool, friendly and an advance robotic cat who has a fourth dimensional pocket which holds futuristic Gadgets and infinite storage.

The original comic series of Doraemon was published during 15 Dec 1969 - 23 Jun 1996 which had 1345 stories, It was a hit so they decided to make an animation series which was started from April 1973. Doraemon has three animation series, the 1st series was launched since 1 April 1973 - 30 September 1973. The first series was not a hit because it was quite different from the original comic series. So they decided to make the second series since 2 April 1979 - 18th March 2005 and it was a hit.The present series is the third series which was started from 15 April 2005 and it has more than 530 episodes and more than 38 movies.
This whole cartoon series is based on Nobita's miserable life and Doraemons effort to make things right for him, there is adventures based on Doraemon's futuristic Gadgets and Nobita's life, which involves Doraemon, him, his family and friends.

Although this show received worldwide popularity, but it has also faced ban and criticism in some countries like, In China it faced criticism in name of Japan's "cultural invasion" tool , and in Pakistan they ban Doraemon because they believe that it has harmful impact on Children. Despite of facing so much trouble this show has become one of the most popular anime series in the world, you can compare Doraemon's popularity with Mickey Mouse. 
In 2008 japan's Foreign ministry nominated Doraemon the country's "anime ambassador" for the purpose of promoting japanese anime worldwide. Doraemon is most popular character among Japanese children according to the survey conducted in 2003 by video research Ltd.

Doraemon is so popular in Japan that you can see Doraemon themed stores, parks and even trains. Not only in Japan but you can find the craze for Doraemon all around the world especially in India, Taiwan and Indonesia.

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