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What is a tribe?

Tribes in india
What is a tribe ?
When do we call any human community a tribe and what is the criteria for a human community to be called a tribe?
India is a diverse country,the diversity of India is evidenced by the fact that when you go from one state to another, there is change in language along with food From this we can guess that there is many tribes in India many tribes had lived their lives for centuries in the forests, away from the ordinary life in the mountains many tribes of India came to the river flow only after the arrival of the British, but even today there are many tribes in India which have their own separate world.

Definition of tribe.

According to Oxford Dictionary "A tribe is a group of people in a primitive or barbarious stage of development acknowledging the authority of a chief and usually regarding themselves as having a common ancestor.

⚫ According to Imperial Gazetteer of India a tribe is a collection of families bearing a common name, speaking a common dialect, occupying or professing to occupy a common territory and is not usually endogamous though originally it might have been so.

⚫ According to D.N Majumdar( An anthropologist) a tribe is a social group with territorial affiliation, endogamous with no specialization of functions ruled by tribal officers hereditary or otherwise, united in language or dialect recognizing social distance with other tribes or castes
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