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Almora - Uttarakhand


Almora is a famous place in Uttarakhand and is one amongst the 3 hill districts available in Kumaon. The rest of the 2 hill districts are Pithoragarh and Nainital. You can say that Almora is the traditional and cultural capital city of Kumaon. Moreover, this place has been given the status of “unspoilt child of mother nature”. This place is surrounded with 4 hill ranges named as Katarnal, Shayahi Devi, Kasar Devi, and Banari Devi. It is located on 3 mile long ridge in the shape of horse saddle. Katarnal holds an ancient Sun temple and the other 3 hill ranges have beautiful temples of Goddesses. Almora is situated at an altitude of 1,638 meters.

People generally visit this place for the liberation of their soul, solitude, and peace. This place is known for its health resorts. The major heath resort is Ranikhet situated at a height of 1,829 meters. Another idyllic attraction in Almora is Bajinath which is located at the banks of the local river Gomti located in the Garur Valley. This place is popular for its temples made in 13th century. You will surely admire the craftsmanship and artistic charm of these temples. The one of the chief camping areas of Almora is Bageshwar. The cultural and traditional heritage of Kumaon can be seen in the Almora museum. In the center of this city is the Nanda Devi temple.

You can reach Almora by airways, railways and bus services. The closest airport is situated at Pant Nagar in Nainital. It is situated at a distance of 125 Km far from Almora. You will get daily flights in summer season. Well, the closest railway station is Kathgodam. This station is located at a distance of 91 Km. you will easily get public and luxury deluxe buses from this place.

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