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Bonfire Print on Demand - Create Custom T-shirts and Make Money


Bonfire is an E-commerce site specializing in custom apparel. They help people sell shirts online, fundraise for a good cause, or simply order custom printed products directly. They help you create your campaign, design your shirt, select your prices and products and then promote online. They take care of the printing, shipping and heavy lifting so that you don't have to worrying about everything, while you receive the profit - all for free! If you would like to create a shirt and order it in bulk, they also have a Supply feature.


They offer two main services: campaigns and supply orders. If you would like to fundraise or sell to make money, you would create a campaign. In a campaign, you have a time-limit (between 2 and 21 days). You make your profit by setting the price of your shirts. It can always be re-launched so that you can keep fundraising. They ship out directly to your buyers when they make a purchase.

If you want to make merchandise just for yourself or a specific group of people, you would create a supply order. A supply order is a feature in which you can create a shirt and direct order it to yourself. You can order as few or as many as you’d like! This is not a fundraising feature- just a way to create and order custom products. They are adding more products and expanding there reach for a large scale audience you may find lots of changes and new products in future recently they add Tote Bags, Face Masks, Mugs, Doggie Tees, Baby Onesies, Toddler Tees, Hats.

A store is a virtual storefront page on the Bonfire platform where you can showcase your campaigns. It has a very visually pleasing set-up and you can even share your social medias on it.

So join Bonfire today and start earning a better income online.

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