Gender inequality in India and issues

What is gender inequality ?

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Gender inequality in India 
Gender inequality means to give superiority for a specific gender, specially for mens.
Our society treats men and women differently and it appears especially in rural areas of our country. Gender inequality in India is a big issue for our development.
Developed Nations like USA, Japan do not have gender inequality at that big scale but gender inequality in India is in a huge scale and sometimes it's become unhuman, like just for having a boy and killing a baby girl because of gender Supremacy in our society. It shows that gender inequality in India must have to solve.
And conditions for transgenders are worse.

Issues by gender inequality

If a society have these these kind of discriminations then it will definitely create some issues, we will discuss some major issues because of gender in equality in India.

Sexual harassment-

Gender inequality is all around the globe and its shows male dominance in our society.
In our society Sometimes people treats women like an assets just for use.
Daily newspapers are witness of them, how the sexual harassment is rising day by day by day.

The Wage Gape-

To pay someone a good money but for the same work to pay a less money just because she is a woman is not fair.
Gender inequality in India is decreasing slowly but surely and in the present time we can see the major changes around us. The wage gap is wiped out from most of the sectors, few exceptions are presents but they will be not forever.

Violence against women-

Sexual harassment, abusing and physically torturing a woman, all of these are just because gender inequality and one third of women's are facing these issues all around the world.

Sex Ratio-

Sex ratio in India is 930 females per thousand males. Gender inequality is a reason for declining of sex ratio, people those who are having this kind of mentality for having only boy is a discrimination for girls and this shows gender inequality in India.

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