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Why Indian Cartoons Are Boring ?

Have you ever wondered why Indian cartoons are so boring, even we don't have a single native cartoon that we can say this is creative and not a trash, but why ? First let's see what makes Indian cartoons so boring.
Why indian cartoons are boring

What Makes Them Boring ?

When we watch Indian cartoons we realise that the script is all the time same and just minor changes are being done in all the scripts and most of the character and scripts are taken from Hindu scriptures. They are good, but it doesn't mean that we need all the cartoons in the same template.We need all kinds of cartoons like science fiction, love story based, funny cartoons, but we don't have.

Why Indian Cartoons Are Boring ? 

Indian cartoons are boring and it's the truth for me. I searched it on YouTube and i found a video talking about those who are controlling it. They don't want to lose their future customer for their stupid daily soap shows, no one is immaculate in this industry, but I personally believe that they do not see India as a market for adult cartoon shows and people in India are also believe that cartoons are only for kids. Actually they are not targeting the adults in India and this is not the only reason those who are writing these shows are aged people. They are lacking in creativity. According to the what do we need at the present time and on the other side, Indian youth those who have the creativity they are busy in the preparation of government jobs. The whole industry or the system lacks in many ways.

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