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Definition of regional Planning and development

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Developing an area or region in a planned manner is called regional planning and development.
This development is accomplished in many stages rather than directly ,many things are taken care of in this.
For example if we have to do development work in an area, then we should know what kind of development is required in that area?

If we deliver water to a drought-prone area, it would be appropriate because it was needed there, but if we focus on water in a water-rich area, then that plan will not be that important.After finding out what kind of development is required in the area, it is ascertained at which place the development work will be started with the help of survey.
With the help of survey, we get many more important information. As such we also get to know about the obstacles or challenges.
Development work should be done so that more and more people in the area benefit from it, new employment opportunities are created in the area and the standard of living of the people can be improved.
And this development should be such that along with ending the problems of the region, it also play an important role in the development of the country.

Regional planning goes on in all countries.  Whether it is a developing country or a developed country.But some regional plans are very successful due to which research is done on them and other countries who want to develop their field. Study these plans and work on them in our country too.

Some examples of regional Planning and development

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