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History of wine

wines history
Wines History
Based on the facts it was found that the wine originated from China around 6000 B.C.
Ancient Chinese people made it with fermented honey and fruits, after this, when this method reached the countries of the Middle East, it reached Georgia and Iran when they did this process with grapes.After this the technique reached Egypt in about 3000 B.C.
Evidences suggests that ancient Egyptians were experts in making wines.
They were first those labeled their wines and on their bottles name of year and name of the wine maker was printed.Around 200 A.D. the Romans used wooden barrels to transport wines.And Ch√Ęteau De Goulaine formed in France around 1000 A.D.This family business is the oldest wine business in the world today.
And around 1600 A.D transporters used the corcK as a wine lid.And the glass bottles were made stronger because of which the wine could be stored or transported for longer due to which transport became easy. The world's modern wine bottle was made in 1830. In 1864, Louis Parteur told the world how wine is made from grapes.In the presence of the Yeast, grapes undergo fermentation and sugar forms alcohol.

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