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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1 December to spread awareness and information about AIDS.  Its aim is to reduce the number of AIDS patients by 2030 and like every year, World AIDS Day will be celebrated on 1 December 2019.

World AIDS Day theme 2019

The theme for World AIDS DAY 2019 is “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community”

What is AIDS

The full form of AIDS is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.And the spread of this disease is shared by the HIV virus human immunodeficiency virus and it is a very dangerous and deadly disease that no treatment is available yet.  It is slowed down with the help of only a few medicines.

Why does AIDS cause death?

AIDS is a deadly disease but In fact, a person does not die due to AIDS rather, this is the reason that this virus completely kills the immunity in our body.Due to which a person dies of any common disease.  Due to non-functioning of the immunity system, a person dies from any disease such as cough, cold .When the HIV virus enters our body, it first attacks any DNA, then replicates that virus DNA and creates the DNA containing the virus. And its special thing is that it keeps increasing its number continuously.  Our body's immune system protects us from any disease one type of which is T lymphocyte that kills the virus and it does the same process with the T lymphocyte and makes the virus T lymphocyte which kills our own body's immune system.

Causes of spreading AIDS.

*  By having unprotected sex with an HIV-infected person.
* By blood transfusion of HIV infected person.
* Using blade, razors and injections used by an HIV-infected person.
* From breast milk of HIV positive person.
* From any liquid in the body that contains a blood fraction.

HIV do not spread by touching, having food with a person, so keep your behavior normal with HIV positive patient so they do not feel isolated from society.

Symptoms of AIDS.

It can take months to years to detect the symptoms of AIDS as it is not a disease in itself.  Rather it has side effects on our immune system.  Due to which it is a little difficult to detect.

* Feeling tired all the time without working.
* Vomiting all the time or vomiting after eating food.
* Dry cough.
* Muscle strains.
* Recurring fever.
* Gradual weight loss.
* Blue marks on the body.
* Chills.
* Loss of appetite.
* Having diarrhea
* Skin Problem.
* Lymph node.
* Night sweats.

International organizations associated with AIDS.

 *The Global Fund.
*International AIDS society.
*Kaiser Family Foundation.

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