The Theory of everything | String Theory

String Theory

Have you ever wondered what the universe consists of ? Whatever it looks like, air and water, it will be made up of something we believe all these things are made up of some elements and these elements are made up of neutrons,protons and electrons but there is also a theory that tries to go beyond that and explain things.

String Theory | What is String Theory ?

When we understand things at the subatomic level then the string theory is largely successful in explaining things.
According to the string theory everything is made up of the same thing and we call it strings and because of these strings follows different patterns things are not the same . Every string behaves differently due to which things are different.

Is string theory true ?

After all ,everything is made up of only one string what do you think ? Is this possible or there may be something else at the micro level which is responsible for everyone's existence. But this theory only Works on subatomic level that is ,it does not work on large objects in mass.

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