Coca Cola Original Recipe

Coca Cola Secret Recipe

Coca cola original recipe
Coca cola recipe 

If you start a business and cannot keep your secrets a secret then it can prove to be dangerous for your business because many people or companies can snatch your own business from you and they can finish your business by removing the exact copy of your product in the market at an affordable price from you we are talking about secrets but have you heard the secret of Coca Cola Company you must have heard the name of Coca-Cola Company and have drunk their soft drinks too, but do you know how Coca Cola is made?

The Mysterious ingredients of Coca Cola

It is still a mystery to the world because no one knows what Coca Cola recipe is, only few people knows this secret in the world and among those few people come the directors of the company.This secret is hidden in a vault and the vault is located in Georgia, USA, which only the company's directors can open it.

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